Switzerland The Dream Destination

It's truly a stunning and an astonishing fact that how a small country likes Switzerland possesses extraordinary varieties of attraction. The country is the land of natural treasure and hence it is the dream destination of every tourist. The country Switzerland is located in Central Europe. The total land area of the country is equal to 41,290 sq. km. The capital city of Switzerland is Bern. The total population of the country is 7,554,661. The largest city of Switzerland is Zurich. The prominent language of Switzerland is the German language.

The history of the place is truly interesting. In the ancient times in 1291 the country, Switzerland is called as Helvetia. It consisted of only three districts. Later in 1798, the French revolutionary troops occupied the country and they named it as the Helvetic Republic. Later in the year 1815, the country was guaranteed the neutrality and recognized as the independence of Switzerland by the Congress of Vienna. But again in the year 1847, in the revolutionary period the Catholic cantons were defeated and rejoined the federation.

The country Switzerland is one of the fabulous touring places on the earth. The alpine beauty of the high beautiful peaks and the breathtaking sceneries of the place will never fail to allure you. The panoramic view of the Mount Pilatus in Lucerene is simply gorgeous. There on you can enjoy an amazing journey to a height of about 7000 feet on a cable car. Switzerland is a land of mountains. Most of the mountains peaks remains covered with snow. One of the famous mountain peaks is Jungfraujoch whicjh is popularly known as the "Rooftop of Europe". This panoramic sight is situated in the Swiss Alps at a height of about 11,333 feet. It has been one of major tourist places in Switzerland, since time immemorial. Hold your nerves to explore these beautiful and magnificent glacier mountain peaks. Also never get baffled if you find a village on these mountain tops. Alps in Zermatt are one of the famous peaks of Switzerland and it is a popular destination for the mountaineers. The tourists also enjoy skiing adventure in the Matterhorn that is located in Zermatt.

While travel to Switzerland, one can never afford to overlook the natural treasures and adventurous thrills that one can experience in the Mount Matterhorn. The principal rivers of the country are the river Rhine, Ticino, and the river Inn. The other attraction of the place is the picturesque views of streams and lakes. These water bodies provide sensational pleasures to the travelers. The Lake Geneva, Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore, Lake of Neuchatel and Lake of Lucerene are some of the other attractions of the country, Switzerland.

You can assure a comfortable stay in Switzerland. There are many 5 star, 4 star and 3 star hotels in Switzerland. The Switzerland airline is a big and reliable network, which ensures to make your Switzerland travelmore comfortable and luxurious one. You can experience the extreme pleasure of your Switzerland tour by taking the assistance of the travel agents in Switzerland.